To achieve and maintain racial equity and justice throughout North Pinellas County

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North Pinellas Advocates for Racial Equity catalyzes our community to transform ideas and dreams into action through partnering with like-minded individuals, community groups and organizations to accomplish our vision.


Workshop Series: Empower yourself & your business

April 8th, 2023  | 12:30p-4:15p

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The Goal: To catalyze support for businesses owners of color in north Pinellas County.

A Two-Pronged Strategy:
We are working to:

  1. Create a community of business owners of color who support each other and the North Pinellas community as a whole. They would meet together monthly.
  2. Establish a dialogue between the community business owners of color, local chambers of commerce, economic development officials, elected officials, and other interested parties.

The goal of these meetings will be to develop a common understanding of the needs and wishes of all toward active mutual support.

The logo Business Owners of Color Alliance (BOCA) surrounded by images of business owners of color

BOCA, an off-shoot of NPARE’s Economic Development Initiative, is a place for business owners of color to meet and get…

  • The Support we need to make it through the lows of owning a business
    and celebrate the highs!
  • The Resources we don’t know about that can help our businesses.
  • The Information we need about new and existing opportunities.
  • The Influence with the north Pinellas County establishment that we can access only together.

Starting April at 6pm & every 2nd Tuesday of the month!
we meet at THE HUB in the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce building 301 Main St. Dunedin, Fl!


if you have questions and to
let us know you are coming!

Future Initiatives

Instigate financial literacy for young people of color in north Pinellas County

Catalyze leadership training for people of color in north county.

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Board Members

Jeff Gow

Jeff Gow

Vice Mayor, City of Dunedin

Jeffrey Lorick

Jeffrey Lorick

Director of Human Rights, Pinellas County

Carol Mickett

Carol Mickett

Business Owner and Artist

Merry Lynn Morris

Merry Lynn Morris

Chair, Dance Department, USF

David Shelor

David Shelor

Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Dunedin

Michael Broom

Michael Broom

CEO, Center for Human Systems

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Get in Touch

If you would like to get involved, are interested in attending a monthly community meeting with businesses in Pinellas, or have questions about the organization, please reach out!


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